Movers & Shakers

The Build the Bridges Project would never happen if not for the endless help that I get from an endless stream of people. I will list some of them here but trust me that it would be impossible to list everyone. I come across helpers every single day. And for me to describe what they do would also be impossible. But I will try with these few notables.

The current comMUSIKey board:

Aaron McKinnley was there from the very beginning of comMUSIKey. He helped me put the whole thing together.
Robbie Benhuri was the next to show up. I only wish I could have implemented half the ideas we spent hours developing.
Shiri Gall came on board in 2018. She has edited copy for just about everything that has reached the public. While laughing.
Terri Young is the newest member of our team. She brings the can do, I mean the will do tude to every meeting.

Other notables

Dori Mion
drew the little people that dance all over the hands and the letters on the comMUSIKey logo and the mobile stage.
Meg Bohrman helped me birth the Build the Bridges song and constantly reminds me of the comMUSIKey mission.