Truth Can Pass Through the Wall of Lies

Yesterday I went with The Green Valley-Sahuarita Samaritans to a place in Nogales, Mexico called the Commodore where migrants can get food, legal help and overall support. I decided not to bring instruments and just help serve food and wash dishes. There were enough volunteers that often times we would simply stand in support. Shura, the founder of this particular Samaritan group said that if I bring my ukulele and sing songs, she will dance on the tables. So next Tuesday I will bring instruments and we’ll have a lunch party.

This wall is more than just a physical barrier. It’s a wall that doesn’t let truth pass through. If everyone on this side knew the humanity on the other side, none of this devastation would be happening. I have lost track of how many times I have opened my suitcases full of instruments for people to play. If you know me, you know that I’m always losing and forgetting things, particularly when I’m playing music. Sometimes, the settings are pretty wild, but when we’re done, I get little kids and big people bringing me instruments that I completely lost track of. Never have I ever wondered what happened to a particular beloved instrument. It feels weird to even have say this stuff, but I know that racism goes so deep that we all have to be reminded of each others humanity at every turn.

Music slips right through divides as if they aren’t there, and it brings us along for the ride. Really! I’m serious. I’m usually very conservative with the word need, but I need to use the word now. We NEED more music! Real music. Music playing with each other. If we don’t learn to see through the wall, we will not make it.