How we use music to Transform

We belive that the world is made of music. We is ready for the magic of music in any setting. We also believe that music is an intrinsic part of every human being. And yet its presence is often blocked in our society. It doesn’t take much for Jonathan to inspire the release of cascades of healing, connecting music, whether it be in an assembly hall full of hundreds of children, or in an intimate living room with suitcases full of exotic instruments. If he can roll his portable piano into the venue he will use his unique piano connection to help with the music facilitation.

The voice is our primary instrument. Many people are afraid to sing. Jonathan will use call and response to loosen the illusory restraints that many adults feel. He will create a safe space for children to keep their musical hearts open before societal restraints start to solidify.

Many people feel disconnected from their innate rhythm.  There is a groove waiting for everyone to participate in. Jonathan finds the seeds of that groove within any group, tiny or gigantic and nourishes it with his confidence in our musical humanity. When that groove is combined with singing, any group will become more powerful than it ever thought possible.

We believe that music is able to transform the way human beings see each other. Through music, we are able to see each other’s humanity in ways that words can often hide. That is the basis for the Build the Bridges Project of comMUSIKey.